Huawei Band 2 vs. Huawei Watch vs. Motorola Moto 360

Both Huawei and Motorola sell their watches in several totally different types, but we’re dealing with the entry-level versions. This is the US$349 leather band Huawei Watch and the $ mm (black) leather band version of the 2nd-gen Moto 360.

Samsung Gear S2 is on the market in three colours and the Huawei Watch comes with four color options but countless faces to obtain, set up and play with. Motorola and Huawei both run Google’s Android Wear OS, which works extraordinarily properly with Google Now and has deep integration with Android phones and apps.

The Moto 360 is at present retailing for 249.ninety nine USD and we suspect that the Huawei Watch might be no dearer than that – in all probability even cheaper. The choice is hard, however we’re willing to wager the deciding factor for many people might be Tizen vs Android Wear. With the assistance of Moto Maker, there are 360 potential type mixtures you possibly can create to match your style, in your Motorola 360 2.

huawei watch vs moto 360

We nonetheless have no idea anything concerning the price of Huawei watch, but experience tells us that this shall be one of its strongest selling points. Huawei is quite capable of producing a less expensive watch than Motorola.

You can get it in a 42mm type that is principally the identical dimension as the Huawei, or you can get it in a larger 46mm kind that’s more corresponding to last year’s Moto 360 model. The 42mm model’s display is a hair smaller than the one on the Huawei Watch, at 1.37 in. The Huawei Watch battery is extremely small, with 300 mAh and is even smaller than the Moto 360’s. However, Huawei’s processor is much more power-efficient than others, which ought to help it compensate within the battery life division.

For a body of reference, the brand new Moto 360 is simply zero.1 mm thinner than last yr’s mannequin, while the Huawei Watch measures solely a hair thinner than that. Last but not least, the Moto 360’s display is slightly raised above the rest of its physique for an “infinity pool”-like effect, whereas the Huawei Watch’s has a raised and angled bezel surrounding it. One could also contend that the 360’s display could also be extra susceptible to break, because it’s the highest point on the watch with no buffer to protect it from bumps or scrapes. The Moto 360, meanwhile, comes in a alternative of two totally different sizes.

Though they appear very comparable in dimension, the Huawei Watch has a 1.four-inch display whereas the Moto 360 has a 1.37-inch display. This 12 months’s replace brings a lot of the same expertise, together with a charging indicator that can be flipped round and adjusted until you get the colour you need in your indicator show. It’s a trivial factor, to be sure, however compared to Huawei’s efforts this will make a giant difference. When lifting your wrist to see a colour show, Huawei often delivers on the best expertise whereas Motorola tends to lag slightly behind. Additionally, due to Motorola’s LCD show there tends to be this slight flicker impact when switching from ambient to full colour, where the Huawei Watch quickly and subtly animates into place.

That makes the general footprint of the device less comfy. The Huawei Watch makes use of a magnetic charging cradle, while the Moto 360 has constructed-in wireless charging (and features a wi-fi charging dock).